The reopening of the Green Park Hotel in Pitlochry

Following on from being given the green light again by the Scottish Government, we are delighted to be able to reopen the Green Park.

Health and safety is a major priority, and we have put a range of measures in place so that you can stay with increased confidence. As the Coronavirus situation continues to develop, certain measures may be reduced, amended or eliminated.

Before diving into our Covid-19 Policy, Diane and I would like to thank all of our ‘Green Park friends' who have been so supportive through all of these recent ups and downs. We have missed you all and we are looking forward to welcoming you back with a chat and a smile - if perhaps not a handshake for the moment!

Alistair and Diane McMenemie

and all of the staff of the Green Park Hotel

The following measures apply throughout the Green Park.

The current advice on social distancing is to be observed.

New for our bedrooms, public areas and back of house will be antiviral ‘fogging’. These hand held machines emit a fine chemical fog, which neutralises pathogens in the air and on any surface it touches. The biochemical used by our foggers is organic, food safe, vegan and contains no irritants.

Hand sanitising stations will be available for guests to help themselves.

Enhanced cleaning schedule, including all touch points such as door handles, handrails and lifts.

Hotel residents can ask for face coverings if they have forgotten their own, and gloves and wipes will be available for all guests on request.

Guests who wish to take their own temperature at any point of their stay, can avail themselves of the wall mounted non-contact forehead thermometer in our front hall. Your first ten readings are free with our compliments!

We like to greet guests on arrival at the Green Park, and we will do our very best to continue this policy. A large temporary screen has been installed at reception to help allow us to do so. In addition our lounge bar will be used as an overflow area to help with social distancing and check-in.

Guests can check-in as normal, though please be patient with us as our bedrooms are going to take longer to clean as a result of the additional housekeeping measures that we have adopted. The same applies when checking out and we ask that you follow the normal 11am check-out time - the girls in housekeeping will be extra grateful!

In an ideal world, all payments should be made by credit or debit card.

Guests can ask for their final account with us to be delivered to their bedroom, either the night before or the morning of their departure. If guests have any queries regarding their bill they can contact our reception by dialling zero, and if they wish can settle the account by telephone before departing.

All team members will undergo Health and Safety Covid-19 training prior to returning to work, to educate them in hygiene protocols whilst aiming to deliver our normal standards of service.

The current advice on social distancing is to be observed.

Enhanced cleaning programme throughout all ‘back of house’ areas, including all touch points such as door handles, handrails, and lifts.

Hand sanitising stations will be available for the team.

PPE (face coverings, disposable gloves, aprons, wipes, screens) available for all staff. Face coverings will be worn by all staff.

Daily temperature checks for all staff on arrival. Any member of the team with a temperature of 37.8C or greater will be asked to wait in their car or a private room for 30 minutes before having a second temperature check. If their temperature is still 37.8C or greater we will then call the Scottish Coronavirus helpline and follow the advice given.

Teams will have staggered arrival and departure times where possible.

We will encourage increasing the frequency of hand washing or hand sanitising and surface cleaning (including disinfection of our busier areas or common touch points and toilets).

The time of any activity where social distancing cannot be maintained will be kept as short as possible.

Back-to-back or side-to-side working will be introduced (rather than face-to-face), and the use of screens or barriers to separate people from each other whenever possible. For example there will be a large screen installed at reception for the duration.

‘Fixed teams or partnering’ to be used where possible (so each person works with only a few others).

A one-way system will be implemented where possible back of house to reduce staff crossing.

We have been instructed to remove printed material so as to reduce touch points. While guest can still order newspapers to be delivered to their bedroom, the daily newspapers which are normally available on the lounge piano will have to be temporarily suspended. Magazines, books and jigsaws will still be available, but we ask that you return them to reception after use, so that we can properly clean and store them for a suitable time period.

Guests - and Alistair! - will be encouraged to use the stairs wherever possible, though both of our guest lifts will be available as normal.

Guests are encouraged to use the bathroom facilities in their room, though our public ladies gents and disabled toilet facilities will still be available.

All bedrooms will be subject to scheduled antiviral ‘fogging’ and windows opened to assist with ventilation where and when sensible.

As part of our enhanced cleaning schedule extra emphasis will be placed on disinfecting as many touch points as possible. This will include door handles, light switches, remote and heating controls, draws, taps, bathroom amenities, telephone, kettle, tea and coffee facilities.

All bathroom toiletries will be changed and disinfected between stays.

All laundry is washed at a temperature which guarantees elimination of any potential trace of Covid-19. All printed material (except for the midge information card!), pens and bedroom information folders have been removed to reduce touch points, and duvets have replaced blankets throughout the hotel. That said we can supply any or all of these items on request.

If you don’t want your bedroom cleaned on our normal daily basis, then please just contact reception.

Health and safety is our priority and we have put the following measures in place so you can stay or visit with confidence. As the Coronavirus outbreak comes under control, certain measures may be reduced, amended or eliminated.

We are going to do our very best to operate in the style and format most familiar to our guests, while adapting to current best practises. Dining-room tables will be spaced to provide the necessary social distancing, and this will unavoidable lead to the temporary reduction in the number of tables available. Rather than impose a restrictive regime of booking individual times for dinner, we would prefer to trespass on your good nature and may ask a small number of you to wait awhile as we clean and reset a dining-room table for you.

The breakfast buffet will be based around individually sealed items, that guests can help themselves to without the use of serving utensils. Brace yourself for the return of impossible to open mini-packets of tomato ketchup! This will inevitably lead to a reduction in what we have traditionally had available for guest to help themselves to. That said don’t hesitate to ask us about any item that you would like that isn’t displayed, as we may have it available back of house. Cooked breakfasts, tea, coffee, and toast can be ordered as normal.

It is our intention to provide our daily complimentary tea, coffee and cake service, though again we ask for your patience as the emphasis will be very much on us serving you, rather than you being allowed to help yourself as before. We ask your forbearance with this, and we apologise in advance if you have to wait a little longer and more individually wrapped items are bought-in rather than produced on the premises. Don't forget to ring the lounge bell to be served!

The same applies for pre-dinner sherries. We will serve you at all times, and we will provide you with your own individual paper copy of that nights dinner menu, not to be reused by subsequent guests. Wine lists will be readily available on request, and will then be taken out of service for that evening after your use.

The number of guests allowed at a table will be based on current Scottish Government guidelines, and face coverings will be worn by all staff. We ask that guests adhere to the mask wearing protocols currently in place.

Guests are asked to please observe social distancing when placing orders in the lounge bar, and we will then bring your drinks to your table.

Disposable paper napkins will be more in evidence, and will be used for both breakfast and lunch.

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